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Benefits and Tax Breaks

“TREMONTI” TAX BREAKS (Law n. 122, May 31st 2010)

Main features

  • It applies only to Staff working in scientific research (Researchers, Tenured, etc.);
  • It is the most economically favorable fiscal benefit: it allows to pay income taxes only on 10% of the yearly gross income generated in Italy, for four consecutive fiscal years, starting from the calendar year in which you become fiscal resident in Italy (Note that being a resident for tax purposes means to be registered at the City Hall in Italy as a resident for at least 183 days within the same year);
  • It applies to Staff who arrives/repatriates as Italian fiscal resident;
  • If you move the residence outside Italy for more than 183 days during one of the four years of eligibility, you lose the right to receive the benefit for that year; the tax breaks enjoyed during the previous years do not have to be returned


  • Arrival/repatriation to Italy from May 31st, 2010;
  • University degree or equivalent;
  • Having been not occasionally resident abroad, therefore giving proof of the fiscal residence kept abroad for at least two consecutive years;
  • Being owner of documented research or tenure activity abroad, in Universities or public or private Research Institutes, for at least two consecutive years;
  • Becoming fiscal resident in Italy.