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Macromolecules, Actually: From Plastics to DNA

Alexander B. Cook, Lucka Bibic
kids.frontiersin.org November 2019 | Volume 07 | Article 126

Targeting central nervous system pathologies with nanomedicines

Shoshy Mizrahy, Anna Gutkin, Paolo Decuzzi & Dan Peer
Journal of Drug Targeting, Volume 27, 2019 - Issue 5-6: In honour of Professor Patrick Couvreur, recipient of the Journal Of Drug Targeting’s Lifetime Achievement Award For 2019

A tissue chamber chip for assessing nanoparticle mobility in the extravascular space

Valeria Lusi, Thomas L. Moore, Federica Laurino, Alessandro Coclite, Rui Perreira, Miguel Ferreira, Ilaria Rizzuti, Roberto Palomba, Paolo Zunino, Marti Duocastella, Shoshy Mizrahy, Dan Peer, Paolo Decuzzi
Biomedical Microdevices

Augmented manipulation ability in humans with six-fingered hands

C. Mehring, M. Akselrod, L. Bashford, M. Mace, H. Choi, M. Blüher, A.-S. Buschhoff, T. Pistohl, R. Salomon, A. Cheah, O. Blanke, A. Serino & E. Burdet
Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 2401 (2019)

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