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Multiscale technologies for NDDS

The societal and economic impact, the growing incidence, and the lack of any cure call for radical changes in the way Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDDs) are studied and treated. Synergistic and highly interdisciplinary approaches combining the development of novel molecular therapies with innovative rehabilitation strategies hold potential for revolutionizing the life of NDD patients.

MINDED will use a multiscale technology approach integrating across Nanomedicine, Molecular Neurosciences, and Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics, for the development of novel diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic interventions for NDDs.

Nanomedicine for the precise delivery of therapeutic and imaging agents; RNA-technologies for gene silencing, modulation and repair; laboratories-on-chip for high throughput screening of novel therapeutic strategies; molecular imaging for the early detection and localization of diseased cells; and advanced cognitive robotics for patient stratification and rehabilitation are integrated together with the objective of revolutionizing the classification, diagnosis, imaging and treatment of NDDs.

Training in these three advanced technological areas will foster the establishment of a new class of scientists, technologists, administrators and entrepreneurs.


Infografica Multiscale Mod